The NEW Exercise Program is coming!

It is almost here! The RL Healthy complete FOUR WEEK exercise program is on it’s way to you!


Rebecca-Louise is a fitness professional with a passion for helping others improve their lives by implementing healthy, active lifestyles.


Exercise and fitness represent 20% of the solution to a healthy lifestyle. View my exercise videos or sign-up and get exclusive access to my exercise programs and fitness tips.


Proper nutrition and eating is 80% of the solution to a healthy lifestyle. Learn all about my nutrition program and how I achieve optimal wellness through a proper balance of nutrition and fitness.

Get Fit With Me

Hello, my name is Rebecca-Louise and I have dedicated my life to fitness, nutrition and helping people! I have a passion for helping people improve their lives by living a healthy, active lifestyle. My mission is to make a positive impact in people’s lives by helping them realize the gift of wellness.

If you are interested in improving your lifestyle through fitness, nutrition and total wellness, I can help! Sign-up today to receive a free wellness consultation and learn more about my fitness regime, nutrition program and healthy lifestyle.

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Nail design competition!

It’s time for a Nail Design Competition! I have so much pride to my home country so I had this nail design done of the Union Jack! I love living in America, and I have such great friends here and the opportunities I have been given I am so thankful for. England will always be […]

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Victoria’s Secret Model Legs Workout!

It’s your Victoria’s Secret Model Legs Workout! This workout focuses on your legs, getting them lean and toned, perfect for short dresses paired with heels! Make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout this workout and you’ve stretched before you’re starting. We don’t want anyone to pull any muscles and with your legs built of many […]

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Feel Good Workout Gear

Feel Good Workout Gear is SO important! It’s amazing that what we wear can dictate our mood, that’s why its always important to wear something that gets you pumped up for your workout. I am in love with these fun, tropical leggings from Victoria Secret. They are made of such soft material and are not […]

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Motivation Monday – Progression

Motivation Monday – Progression! Today’s motivation for you is: ‘Be content at where you are, while pursuing where you want to go‘.  But what does that really mean?! Sometimes we get really hard on ourselves because we are not exactly where we want to be. It could be with our body results, the level we […]

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Healthy Taco Night with your friends!

Time for healthy taco night with your friends! It’s almost the weekend and you want something super tasty, easy to make, and a great meal you can share with friends. I love summer nights and how the sun is out longer, it is a great time to relax and enjoy each others company! Instead of […]

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The Best Rapid Abs Workout

The BEST Rapid Abs Workout is HERE! This rapid ab workout is fast paced, which gets your heart rate up AND works your entire core to get you the best abs around. All you need is a mat, water, ten minutes and this video, no excuses! This video is a quick one, but it really […]

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Be stylish, comfortable and classy!

One of my favorite clothing styles are playsuits because they are fun and easy to wear! I love this Hello Molly playsuit and here are some tips to help find a fun playsuit for yourself! I like to find different and bright patterns that stand out and make me feel confident. This playsuit has really […]

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We Believe in YOU!

Did you know that the RL Healthy Team believes in you! You can do anything that you put your mind too. We are here to support you in achieving your body and health goals and with our workouts, tips and recipes. You can get there, so BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, because WE BELIEVE IN YOU! This […]

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Loving how I feel in this Bikini!

I am loving how I feel in this Bikini!! Thank you so much to Fortune 421 for my beautiful bikini. I had a wonderful time rocking this coral bikini on 4th July at the Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego. The bottoms are super cute and have a little frill around the top which makes them […]

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What should you eat after you exercise?

I get asked all the time, what should you eat after you exercise? You just worked out hard and got your sweat on but how do you maximize the exercise you just did? 20% of what you look and feel like is due to exercise and 80% is nutrition, this means that the most important […]

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