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We have an Exercise and Nutrition program that is so Simple and tons of Fun! Take the guesswork out of your fitness regime and upgrade to our VIP Membership. You gain unlimited access to:

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Rebecca-Louise is a fitness professional with a passion for helping others improve their lives by implementing healthy, active lifestyles.


Exercise and fitness represent 20% of the solution to a healthy lifestyle. View my exercise videos or sign-up and get exclusive access to my exercise programs and fitness tips.


Proper nutrition and eating is 80% of the solution to a healthy lifestyle. Learn all about my nutrition program and how I achieve optimal wellness through a proper balance of nutrition and fitness.

Get Fit With Me

Hello, my name is Rebecca-Louise and I have dedicated my life to fitness, nutrition and helping people! I have a passion for helping people improve their lives by living a healthy, active lifestyle. My mission is to make a positive impact in people’s lives by helping them realize the gift of wellness.

If you are interested in improving your lifestyle through fitness, nutrition and total wellness, I can help! Sign-up today to receive a free wellness consultation and learn more about my fitness regime, nutrition program and healthy lifestyle.

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30 Minute Intermediate Full Body Workout

30 Minute INTERMEDIATE Full Body Workout with Rebecca Louise. These body shaping moves will work your abs, core, legs, butt, arms, shoulders, and more! Get yourself in the best shape of your life with Rebecca-Louise. Get your full program at VIP

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Healthy Honey Ginger Lemonade

Summer is almost over so I must put out one more of my favorite summertime drinks recipe. A little twist on traditional lemonade that includes ginger. Ginger is a tasty herb in small doses and has been shown to help alleviate gastrointestinal problems. I always try to use natural sweeteners in anything I make so […]

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Free Fit Camp in Prague, Czech Republic this September!

Come and join our FREE fit camp HERE! One hour of fun exercise in the beautiful City of Prague. All you need is an exercise mat or towel and a water bottle, No weights needed! All abilities welcome. Great atmosphere that will make you feel welcome and pumped up ready to feel the BURN!!! I […]

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What makes you Unique?

The most exciting part if life is that we are all different and have unique qualities. Sit down with yourself today and write down what makes you unique. We need everyone in this world because we all bring something new and something different, that is what keeps the world an exciting place! Never compare yourself […]

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Hiking Tips for you and your Pet

How to Lose: 400-700 Calories The Gear – Essentials Water: Make sure to keep yourself hydrated. Purchase a dog water dispenser at your local pet store! Poop bags: Don’t leave your dog’s poo in the great outdoors! Leash: You don’t want your dog running off from bears! First Aid Kit: Safety first! The great outdoors […]

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Walk the Plank Workout!

Walk the Plank Remember to let me know when you complete your workout on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and tag #IfeeltheburnRebecca! I love seeing your photos of you working out and feeling the burn!

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Be a Team Player!

It is good to feel great about ourselves and what can be more beneficial for your personal growth is to help other people feel great about themselves. We live in a society that is based around I am great, we become selfish and wrapped up in the achievements we have made. For myself and the […]

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Cycling With Your Pet – Pet Fit Tips

Get Fit With Your Pet! Lose up to 800 calories with your furry friend with these tips!

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Body Building Boot Camp!

Body Building Boot Camp! Remember to let me know when you complete your workout on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and tag #IfeeltheburnRebecca! I love seeing your photos of you working out and feeling the burn!

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Get your September Calendar HERE!

Get your September Calendar HERE  RL Healthy is here to help you every step of the way to live a healthy active lifestyle. Print yours out and stick it on your mirror at hime. Don’t forget to tag us in your calendar pictures, we love to see you using it!

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