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Stay in Shape While on HolidayRLHEALTHY-costa-rica-vacation message1

It’s great to get away to the sun, the snow slopes or hiking on a new adventure, but how do you stay healthy and in shape while you are out of your routine?

Follow my video blog diary in Belize to get great tips on how you can come back home losing pounds rather than arriving home to find your work trousers no longer fit!


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Hello, my name is Rebecca-Louise and I have dedicated my life to fitness, nutrition and helping people! I have a passion for helping people improve their lives by living a healthy, active lifestyle. My mission is to make a positive impact in people’s lives by helping them realize the gift of wellness.

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How To Boost Your Metabolism

When you increase your metabolism, it is an excellent thing for your body. In this way you will be easily able to lose weight if your metabolism is boosted. Here are some of the best ways by which you will be able to increase your metabolism: Take more of sunlight: By staying indoors all day […]

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Understanding Your Metabolism

Metabolism is a word which has been grossly misunderstood. Metabolism is what helps us to lose weight easily. It is possible for us to increase or decrease metabolisms depending on the food you eat and the activities you engage in. A few tips to increase your metabolic rate and lose fat quicker are: Don’t skip […]

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Water: 8 Glasses a Day Keeps the Fat Away

8 Glasses a Day Keeps the Fat Away One of the most important necessities of life is water. The reason for this is that our body depends on it, 55 to 75% of an average adults body is made up of water. By not drinking an adequate amount of water you will impair every aspect […]

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The Benefits of Drinking Water

There are many benefits of drinking water. Some of them are as follows: When we drink lots of water it helps in the hydration of our skin by keeping it supple and also by doing away with wrinkles. On drinking plenty of water you are also reducing your weight by getting rid of any of […]

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How to stay in shape on holiday – what to bring with you

When you are traveling to a new place we don’t always know what will be available to us. You still need to give your body all the nutrition it needs when you are away from home! Not sure what to take..? Get a personalized plan from me! Just click on nutrition at

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How to stay in shape on holiday – snack time!

Your body needs to eat (the right food!) every three house so that you don’t store fat! Make sure your prepared on your trips! Want more info on what to eat to get the results you want please click on nutrition at

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How to get a great tan on holiday!

The last thing you want is the come back from your holiday to show off your tan and your red, pealing or have crazy tan lines! How to availed all of these! More tips about when your away on how to stay in shape and feel great at blog

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How to get all the time you want to spend on holiday?

Do you have a boss? Do they tell you when you can or cannot go on holiday or have a family day off? Do you get paid what your worth? Do you love what you do? I am looking for people who want to get compensated for helping people, who have a drive for an […]

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Stay in shape on holiday – what to drink!

There are even more choices when we are away and lots of new things to try! I recommend ‘sampling’ the local culture. Stay away from too much fruit juice as it has lots of sugar and alcohol will slow down your metabolism which will slow down your results! Want to know what will speed up […]

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Celebrating My Engagement!

I wanted to share a part of my personal life with you and let you know that I recently got engaged! I will be sharing my wedding plans and journey to the alter on my blog. You have all shown me such amazing support and I am so thankful for all if your kind words […]

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